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Your Intuition Led You Here

The guiding voice within you is striving for growth, learning & expansion. You already know that life is a continuous pursuit of knowledge, but did you know that all you seek is already held within you?

Soul Work, my reason for Being

Although my intuition has been guiding me since young, I didn't always give myself permission to listen.


Despite showing up every day with a grateful attitude for the blessed life I had built for myself, as I continued to climb the corporate ladder, something within me told me to stop and listen carefully. My inner voice wanted me to know that I have been feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from my outwardly achievements, and that I was meant to do more. 


So I went looking for answers. What I discovered changed my whole perspective on the world and the way we operate within the realm of reality as we know it. I discovered that this world within you, if you are willing to look, is the window to your higher consciousness, and that by ascending into this higher state of being you will be able to find clarity on a vision and purpose beyond your wildest expectations.


Are you ready to listen? 

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My     Ethos

  1. Our most profound realizations lie within us

  2. The pursuit if purpose is simply the process of remembering who we are and what we inherently know.

  3. We have agency in all situations, to craft the life we want to live, we are not victims to our past or our mistakes

  4. We are meant to move through our wounds, and to claim the gifts that lie in transmuting our pain into power.


Why Rose Rumi?


Working with me will allow you to master these pillars and unlock a sense of peace, joy, and alignment that you can carry with you always - one that needs not to be earned, chased after, or achieved.


involves being honest with yourself and revealing your deep-rooted soul desires


requires constant universal connection so that you always draw to you soul-aligned situations, opportunities and people

Conscious Awareness 

relates to moving through the ups and downs of life​ peacefully, surrendering resistance


activates your innate ability to manifest your dreams

The Rose Rumi Edge


  • Dare to find true direction and finally shine a light on your soul purpose

  • Uplevel to a more conscious present awareness, ditching cluttered mental states and emotional rollercoaster experiences 

  • Build your resilience, confidence and inner calmness so strongly you become unshakeable in your worth

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and self-imposed obstacles 

  • Establish a framework for joy, built on resilience, confidence and inner calmness

  • Unpack rooted patterns and reframe difficult intimate relationships (self, family, friends, partner)

Allow me therefore to be your humble companion on this wonderful journey that awaits...

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