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What is Soul Coaching?

If you have found your way to my site – welcome!

You might be wondering what soul coaching actually is, and if it could benefit you?

As humans, our lives can be complex. Modern life offers us so many different options and

paths we can take. On top of this we are constantly bombarded with what marketers,

society and other people tell us we want and need.

Deep down, on a core soul level, we all possess an intuitive understanding of who we are;

this authentic self is our true Life Guide. As a Soul Coach, I help people reconnect with their

authentic spiritual self, so that they can align their inner and outer worlds for a more

fulfilling and happier life.

Clients are drawn to Soul Coaching as a way to transform their lives, reach their goals,

manifest their dreams, improve their relationships and live in a more purposeful, rewarding


How is Soul Coaching Different?

The Soul Coaching method differs from other forms of coaching in that it is not about giving

people the answers or telling them what they should do. Instead a soul coach helps create a

safe, sacred space that allows clients to discover their own wisdom. Though encouraging our clients to journey within themselves while providing holistic guidance allows for the

emotional healing that ensues, both in a session and afterwards, to be deeply


Often soul coaching uses a comprehensive set of tools that include not only talk therapy, but

potentially meditations that allow the unconscious to rise to come up to heal anything that.

It may also include inner child work, and other types of energy healing if a healer is skilled in

those areas (and always first with the consent of the client of course). Soul coaching

acknowledges that healing is comprehensive, and holistic - of mind, body, and soul - and as

such, various tools and techniques may be combined to address the whole of one person.

The beauty of Soul Coaching is that through a series of sessions, people develop their own

tools for healing as well as a connection with their soul and authentic self that will only

continue to grow.

What to Expect?

The Soul Coaching technique first works to clear away any mental and emotional clutter,

energy blockages or resistance that may be holding you back.

Once this inner and outer debris is cleared, the Soul Coach will guide you in finding

attainable clarity so that you can discover your own inner wisdom and receive messages

from the universe. A number of techniques are often used, including oracle cards, crystals

and visualization meditations. Journaling and daily practices may also be prescribed by your

soul coach to continue your journey in between sessions.

Soul Coaching can be a powerful and profound journey. An experienced Soul Coach will

always ensure you are in a safe and trusting environment to allow soul exploration and

transformation to happen.

Why Choose Soul Coaching?

● Gain a deeper understanding of your true self

● Receive clarity on the BIG questions in your life and how to work towards them

● Awaken you spiritual inner journey

● Discover your purpose and life mission

● Experience profound and lasting personal transformation

The road map of your life already exists, are you ready to find it?

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