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How to Slow Down and Embrace Fall Season

As we celebrate mid-autumn festival, we reach that familiar time of the year where we gear up for the start of what seems like a marathon before the year-end holidays. To many, it’s a cycle of peaks and troughs through the mental and physical. You may find that this impacts your social and work life as well as your health, which can culminate into feeling overwhelmed or a little off balance.

In order to keep yourself centered this busy fall season, consider focusing inwards. Hone your intuition to reveal what your priorities are and how you can focus on them, helping you stay grounded through it all. This is a great time for you to reshuffle your mind-set before winter kicks in.

Read on to find our tips for how to slow down and embrace fall season below!

Personalize your space

The state of your environment can heavily influence your attitude towards work. Since many of us may be learning from home or working from home, you may already have carved out a dedicated corner at home where you can set up a familiar workspace. Elevate your work desk with reminders to stay mindful – this may be a positive affirmation propped up against your monitor, a sticky note with your favourite quote. Make it fun and personable! You’ll never know when those daily reminders can give you a boost of inspiration.

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Find newness in an old routine

Routines are a great way to condition your mind and body to focus on your priorities. This can differ greatly between people. Maybe 5-10-minute meditation (This is a personal favourite!) in the morning before your first class can help you clear your mind and redirect your energy towards the tasks at hand. Alternatively, making that perfect cup of coffee every morning in your favourite mug may be how you find some peace.

Rest assured this doesn’t have to involve masterminding a brand new ritual. Viewing your existing habits in a new light and finding a new sense of gratitude in an old routine is a game changing way to control your mood and energy. It’s truly the small things in life that keep you vibing high!

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Integrate your activities

With mounting schedules, how can we move through our day without feeling overwhelmed? Should you get an extra hour of sleep in and skip your favourite workout class? Is it better to stay home to get some extra work done on a Friday night instead of going out to see your friends?

A good way to balance all these commitments is to combine your interests. Ask your friends out for a study date, or find a workout buddy to keep each other accountable. Maybe ask friends over for a cosy self-care night in. Explore different ways you can marry different parts of your life and figure out what you enjoy the best.

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Learn to love alone time

In the age of persistent social media, there is no escape from the lives of other people, making it so easy for us to feel the dreaded FOMO. It’s time to reverse this mind-set, and cherish the time we spend being alone (especially during a pandemic lockdown). Being alone doesn’t have to be lonely. Alone time is an important time for us to recollect our thoughts and recharge.

A great way to do this is to find hobbies that you love to do for yourself. These activities are likely to be deeply connected to your inner child - what do you love to do when you were younger with no one to impress or show off to? It might involve being outdoors, painting or baking. This is your time, so do as you wish! Getting to know yourself is the first step to becoming more grounded.

We hope these tips are helpful as you take on the last few months of the year head on! Just reminding ourselves to stay grounded and mindful can make all the difference between feeling overwhelmed and off-balance and sailing through a busy day with ease.


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